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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  August 8, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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tesla's ceo to let him know california is serious about doing what it takes to land the factory. >> california is ready and willing to help out. >> gain has team up with senate president, a democrat to get an incentive package through the legislature to entice tesla to bring its battery plant to california in just the next three weeks before the legislature adjourns. >> we have an opportunity to create 6500 jobs in california, high paying jobs that are needed. >> time is of the essence because ground has already been broken at one site near reno. the kpix 5 political analyst melissa griffin, cane says california may have an uphill climb. >> nevada doesn't have a corporate income tax. they have a personal income. doesn't have a capital gains tax and relatively low property taxes. >> bargains believes it's --
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gaines believe it is possible. >> we have proximity that helps us out. we have a number of sites on point, i think 31 sites offered. >> reporter: tesla has not announced a specific kate where plans to announce the winner of the site selection competition. tesla spokesperson said we appreciate senator gaines' interest in tesla and his support for the giga factory. i am mark sayer in palo alto kpix 5. >> the state legislature could consider tax, investment and hiring credits as part of any incentive packets to bring that giga factory here. this just in. new video. dozens of people gathered in san francisco this evening to demonstrate against new u.s. air strikes against iraq. president obama approved the new bombardment, targeting the islamic extremist group isis. they say it brings more death and destruction.
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protest is still going on right now. here is the view from chopper 5 over the crowds. earlier today, bay area sere january americans rallied in support of the u.s. military action. they are asking the world to protect the asere januaries and the christians in that area. -- assyrians in the air. palo alto police are investigating a sexual assault. a man walking his pit bull walked near the stanford campus. then, he touched a woman inappropriately. the victim took out her phone to call the police and the man ran away. crews took two hours to move an overturned garbage truck in san jose. three lanes were blocked for a while. highway patrol says the truck driver lost control. he suffered minor injuries. the biggest music festivals of the year taking place right now and throughout the weekend
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in golden gate park. take a look. kicked off today at noon. you can see tens of thousands of people already picked out their favorite spot. tonight's headliner, kanye west with. whether you're attending or you want to stay awake, kpix 5's ryan takeo shows us how to navigate outside. >> as bad as it looks from chopper 5, organizers expect a lot more people. tens of thousands, in fact. people coming out to golden gate park to the polo ground to be able to see the headliners like kanye west tonight. we will show you video we took much earlier. believe me, it's really filled up around here. if you are showing up late, organizers have two main tips. leave yourself plenty of time, take public transportation. muni is treating this as a special event so they have 40 buses on the line. how about parking around here?
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forget about it. in the last hour, we talked to someone who parked. he was driving around in circles and he finally found a spot. >> it was tough to get in. we drove circles for a good 15 minutes but then got lucky by someone going in. but there is a ton of people. it is a competition out there. people are driving around trying to get a park. >> reporter: you can count neighbors fighting to get a spot as well. those who live near the polo p grounds have to deal with the noise. also, that traffic is huge headache around here. they have streets closed. unless those neighbors have tickets, they're essentially trapped in their own house. live in san francisco, i'm ryan takeo kpix 5. whether you're going today lands or purposely avoiding the concert, check we have real time traffic info.
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we have the band schedules, the event planning, you can follow us on ; to wit, r. for updates during the concert. if you can't make it to a game at the new levi stadium because cost too much, there is another way to get inside. a guided tour. the 9ers started tours today. 25 bucks you get to see most of the stadium. plus areas average fan won't get to see like the united club and some of the 170 luxury suites. >> it is probably going to be the only time i'll be able to be in here. this is amazing. >> the 49ers are also offering prizes for anyone who books a tour in august. we have compiled a full guide everything you need to know about the new stadium. and the first home game in santa clara. just hop online. some people may need to look in their own backyard.
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kpix 5 reporter kip doe shows us some of their own water is going down the drain. >> if the santa clara valley water district's own water inspectors were to hit the streets this week, they wouldn't have to go far in santa clara. >> embarrassing? >> sure. we like to be the model of efficiency. >> for the past couple days, we've been check up on the sprinklers. we found a broken head spewing water into the parking lot and multiple nozzles shooting water onto the concrete. i showed the video to the district which is set to hire a small army of water inspectors to go out and talk to home ownerses. >> anybody who gets a knock on the door saying fix your sprinklers, i can imagine them saying you're a hypocrite. >> well, we're check our sprinklers as often as we can, fixing the problem as soon as we know about them. >> practically everybody is
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guilty to some degree. we visited a dozen homes and businesses ail over the south bay and found overspray at every location. nozzles that are adjusted propeller at first still need -- properly at first still need regular tuneups. ron takes extra care to dial in the pressure of his system. his message to the water district. >> get your own house in order first and then call upon us. >> since february, the district says it's cut its own water use by 29%, saving millions. as for their own overspraying, they are the first to admit, they are not perfect. >> hopefully, when we go out and encourage people to fix their problem, they realize we're just pointing out something that needs to be
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addressed. >> they fixed the sprinklers the same day we told them about the problem. they did the right thing. they estimate a couple dozen gallons of water per day were wasted. maybe a little more. they expect those new inspectors to hit the streets by the end of the month or the beginning of september after training. a debate over possible new regulations for drones is heating up. a state assembly panel is hearing testimony on the growing use of drones by journalist and police. our reporter was there. >> drone technology is opening up the skies and a pandora's box. that is why ucla state lawmakers held hearings on the future of the manned aircraft. >> these things are cheap. people buy them all the time now. if businesses and media and law enforcement and reporters get to use them, the sky could be
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full of these things. >> technology is getting ahead of the agency. am zone is already testing drone deliveries. >> we haven't seen a law that say this is is illegal. we have been in touch with different organizations. their primary concern is safety and education right now as they work out their rules. >> it is a legal gray tear yager. so gray the lapd and the sheriff's department are not using drones. although they believe tear craft would be a tremendous benefit in search of rescues and pursuits able to go undeticketed. that is why the acou is calling on lawmakers to act now to
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insure police don't use drones to spy on citizens without a warrant. >> the approach is dangerous in that it does allow for a lot of privacy violations to occur while we're waiting. >> in los angeles, kpix 5. >> last week, it was the lapd who was spied on. a video was shot above the hollywood division. they say the laws are so vague they didn't know how to respond. still ahead, tweeting from the inside of a hurricane in hawaii. >> the bay area technology that is sending back images from the heart of the storm. we will have the latest on the tropics. is it a bigger storm, jewel owe not that far behind. find out why that storm will be different. and, find out which day we have a rain chance right here in the bay area. that's coming up.
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so will they. the idea is to beat the tag at their game. as k-p-i-x 5's da lin shows us, i graffiti painted over walls. the idea is to beat the taggers at their game. kpix 5's da lin shows us it is actually working at one of the most challenged bay area neighborhoods. >> take a drive in oakland. you can't miss the graffiti. it is all over. even churches are defaced. >> it makes businesses look bad. the neighborhood looks bad. >> mostly volunteers spotted a war on graffiti by adopting four blocks in the new china town district, an area plagued by tagging. the face of oakland, tim hang of oakland has to change. >> they paint a, spray and i document the pray, knowing it is temporary. >> tomorrow this will be tagged. guarantee, the team will be back. >> every time the taggers spray paint their walls they will
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wipe them clean. in fact, they will come back to these four blocks every week. >> you have to learn from the tagger. what do they do? they're persistent. they go back. >> so you have to be persistent? >> yes. that's name of the game. >> they also have nicknamed. this is erase. >> i just painted that wall. it gets frustrating. but now i dig it. i come to work, i can't wait. i am debombing. these guys bomb. i debomb. >> they have a track record to be optimistic. they kept a two mile stretch free of graffiti. even the walls next to the railroad tracks. and this battle, delay have already seen good signs. a neighbor came out and painted over his walls. >> beautiful thing. that gives me chills. that's nice. i love it. i'm going to shake his hand right now. >> in oakland. i'm da lin kpix 5. >> all the paint for the
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project is donated. volunteers help keep it going. the group plans to expand once they have recruited more help. tropical storm slams the shores of hawaii. a hurricane is still out there on the way. the storm brought 60-mile an hour winds, breaking apart homes and splintering some trees. >> . >> it was like dominoes last night. you couldn't keep count. >> i was in the kitchen making dinner. just heard heard a big crash.
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governor brown has sent emergency assistant to help in hawaii. the california national guard will be out there for four weeks as well. a bay area company has developed a new way to get into the eye of the storm. these stills are being captured by a row b. it is sending back real time information on that storm. >> as the hurricane makes its way across hawaii offshore, liquid robotics of sunnyvale has a small robot making big news. >> you can actually tweet the vehicles, get status, weather information, real time photos taken. so we're going to ride right through the hurricanes and collect real-time data. >> did you hear that? the vehicle robot is tweeting
6:17 pm
photos at the water surface from inside the hurricane. these shots show the wall of clouds approaching. waves building and the wind picking up. they're called wave riders. the company has sold dozens of them world-wide. >> the department of defense, navy, environmental assessment, mapping the sea floor, tracking whales, looking for bad guys, those kinds of things. >> it is powered by solar panels and a unique set of wings that captures wave energy. >> it propels and thinks for itself with a small on-board server. traveling at sea for more than a year. then, there's this. an experimental live video feed. not quite ready for prime time but getting close. all these robots traveling world's oceans are supervised here in the pilot and command center. no one seems concerned that they are riding out the storm. >> this is not the first
6:18 pm
hurricane for our wave riders. one of them went through a category 4 hurricane earlier this summer. >> 150-mile per hour winds. it was crazy. we continued to produce real- time data the whole time. >> favor of its kind glimpse of the power of mother nature. and it has world-wide audience thanks to the power of social media. in sunnyvale, don ford kpix 5. >> so cool isn't it? >> stomach doesn't feel so good. >> yeah. i know. >> reporter: it is co. technology, where we don't want to go, send a drone. we want the information, not the stomach uneasiness. >> yeah. hawaii really dodged a built. julio will likely be a near miss. >> reporter: here is live look at what's going on right now. the big island still getting 30- mile per hour wind gust. honolulu 29 miles per hour wind
6:19 pm
gust. yeah, it is breezy, but the worst of the wind is now finished. we saw wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. look at that guy off to the right. that is julio, a category 2 hurricane. this is where we're 90% certain the path of the storm will stay within and it misses hawaii to the north. it will be windy again. it will be wet again. but a direct hit likely will not happen. the national hurricane center saying julio will be a near miss. back here in the bay area, bevellening in the south bay. you have made it to the weekend. pretty warm away from the water. antioch, vacaville, 98. san pablo 65. video of a super moon from last year. you will notice, this weekend the super moon, or the moon will be big because it's physically closer. the closest super moon of the year will happen this sunday night. the moon will rise just before
6:20 pm
sun set. should be a beautiful shot. if you're saying hey, it looks bigger, that's because it physically is. it will be about 20,000 miles closer than normal. will you see it because of the cloud cover? yes. low pressure will be here this weekend. sunday night you will see the super moon. monday, that is the one chance we have of not only increased cloud cover but rainfall. north bay, east bay away from the water slight chance of a thunderstorm. pulls up a little tropical moisture. humidity will be here for the top of next week. very pleasant day tomorrow. saturday, get outside. livermore warm, not hot. san jose perfect. 80. redwood beech 80. 80. napa 81. mid 70s near the bay. not a bad forecast at all.
6:21 pm
it will be chilly. san francisco, mid-60s,ish. plan on being surrounded by a lot of people and hearing good music. >> no hurricanes though. >> reporter: no. >> thanks, paul. still ahead, it is a haven for homeless bay area kids. >> the help it has already given hundreds and why it may not be in danger. ,,,,,,,,
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find a bed to sleep at nigh new at 6... kpix 5's well, it is the only place in alameda county where homeless kids can find a bed to sleep >> kpix 5's christin ayers says it is on the verge of closing if something doesn't change fast. >> when i first got to dream catchers, i didn't know how i was going to do it. >> haven for homeless teens like this. if these walls could talk, delay would tell heart breaking
6:24 pm
stories like the one elijah tells me about his step dad. >> he says i can't wait until you get 18 so you can get out of my house, stuff like that. my mom used to say i wish i would have abort you. >> for six years elijah says his stepfather made him sleep on the floor even though he had a bit. before graduation, elijah's stepfather kicked him out. >> i slept in the parks for a night. it was so scary. >> a friend fed elijah and brought him to dream catcher. >> in alameda county we have 2,000 homeless kids and only eight beds for young kids 13 to 18. >> you heard that right just eight quay beds for 2,000 homeless children in alameda county. >> other cities like san francisco and chicago have 300 beds. >> the teens who come here, 700 so far this year, are often
6:25 pm
escaping abuse. some have been forced into prostitution. others abandoned by addict parents. >> on a shoe string budget dream catcher gives the teen simple things. foods, bed, a check to check facebook and do laundry. >> without dream catchers i don't know where i would be. >> but elijah and other teens could soon be homeless again. the man who owns the dream catcher home is struggling to pay his bills and needs to sell the place. to buy it, dream catcher needs $100,000 for a down payment. >> we really need this money in the next couple weeks or the landlord is forced to sell the building. >> without these beds, workers say the teens who need them will fall through the cracks. turned away from adult shelters where minors legally are not allowed. elijah has already started his own landscaping business and wants to get into carpentry
6:26 pm
next. a dream he worries won't survive without dream catcher. >> i came here with nothing. ever since i been here i accomplished a lot of stuff i didn't have at home. >> in oakland, christin ayers kpix 5. >> to find out how you can help the dream catcher, go to kpix 5. coming up in our next half hour, the crisis in iraq escalates. why president obama says dust military is ready to take -- the u.s. military is redty to make more action if needed. what the ncaa can't stop college athletes from doing and how it could mean big bucks. ,,,, no rush, andy.
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♪ mattress discounters warplanes conduct multiple airstrikes, targeting islam extremists. and president obama says this may not be e en smoke and skies above iraq as u.s. war planes conduct multiple air strikes targeting islamic extremist. and president obama says this may not be the end of it. welcome back. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. the first time in years the u.s. military has conducted air strikes in iraq. >> smoke rose from the skyline outside the iraqi city where two u.s. war planes hit arena tiller rights fur belonging to
6:30 pm
the islamic extremist group known as isis. similar target strikes left some militants dead. president obama authorized the strikes to protect other diplomats. >> the protection of the american personnel in iraq is a top priority and one that merits the use of military force. >> the terrorist have taken over large areas of iraq. >> . >> i believe the united states of america cannot turn a blind eye. >> a spokesperson says militants took hundreds of women hostage and are holding
6:31 pm
some in schools, iraq's second largest city. >> after today's air strikes, the obama administration told u.s. airlines not to fly over iraq. the hostile environment has also prompted other countries to sis pend flights. senator diane finestein says it takes an army to defeat an army. we coon front isis now or deal with a stronger force in the future. two very different sides of the conflict in iraq. this evening, a group protested the u.s. air strikes. >> well, that's how war starts. that's how things escalate. to have planes in the sky both for humanitarian aid and dropping bomb on people is really confusing to me how that does any good. >> dozens of people at this
6:32 pm
rally says bombing isn't option, even if it is for humanitarian reasons. another rally today had a different message. >> right now we're asking for united states and the world to take a stand and protect assyrians and the christians in the middle east. bay area assyrian americans are asking for protection. they say family members and minority christians have been driven from their homes. they are given dire choices, either convert to islam or be executed. the ebola outbreak in africa has been declared a public emergency. it is a unanimous vote today in switzerland. >> acknowledge the serious outbreak and potential for further spread. >> but they are not recommending general bands on
6:33 pm
travel or trade. it called on the international community to help. the ebola outbreak is mainly happening in countries that do not have the resources to manage those infections. meanwhile, an american doctor infected with ebola while working in liberia is speaking o. he says i can remember every face afternoon p name. brantley and a second aid worker are receiving experimental treatments in atlanta. they seem to be getting stronger, but there is no cure for the usually deadly virus. new at 6:00, college athletes. federal judge has ruled that the ncaa can't stop college football players and basketball players from selling the rights to their names and likenesses. the decision opens the way for athletes to get payoffs when their college careers are over. former ucla basketball star and 19 others filed a lawsuit that challenged the ncaa's
6:34 pm
regulation of college athletics on anti trust grounds. stocks close a little higher today as investors felt relief about decreasing tensions between ukraine and russia. the dow sored 180 points. nasdaq up 35. s&p 500 had its best gain since march, up 22 points. changes are coming to the way your credit score is calculated and it could move in your favor. san rafael based fair azach says debts that go to collection agencies and get repaid will not count against your fico score. medical debts will have a smaller effect on your score because they are different from other kinds of debt. the changes will begin to take place in the fall. still ahead, no suit, tie or interview required. coming up in tonight's consumer watch, unique way to find a temporary gig. ,,,,,,,,
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on the consumer watch... jue on the app that wi if you're looking to make a few extra dollars, there is a unique way to find temporary work. >> on the consumer watch, julie watts with an app that will find you a gig without an interview >> yeah. it is called gig watch w. instead of connecting with an individual, gig walk connects you to a business who pays you for short term gigs. for instance, this gig walker is on a gig for a sun screen company. snapping sending photos back to help them determine if their products are properly stocked and price. the gigs can change from stocking aisle displays to secret shopping to more than 5,000 companies ranging from microsoft to ebay. >> i do it every time i have
6:38 pm
free time. >> he says he makes up to $40 a day. once the gig is completed the work is approved and delay get paid via pay pal. gig walk does track users' productivity, how long it takes them to complete a job and how well it is done. information is then used to determine which jobs they are offered in the future. if you have a consumer story inside, send us an email. >> the catch is you have to have the app. you have to have a smart phone. >> right. you have to have a smart phone. they do track you while you are completing that task. it is almost like they can judge you and they can tell what kind of employee you are. so let's say you complete task quickly but not very well, then maybe they ale give you simple tasks with short deadlines.
6:39 pm
others will be more detail oriented. >> where they rate you and review you so others can look at how many stars you have? >> well, the app has an algorithm that rates you or gives you similar job offers in the future. >> so you need a smart phone and a wife that goes to the mall once in a p while because she will have free time. thanks, julie. still ahead, have a hard time getting your kids to help out around the house? they need to meet this bay area student who has been helping care for her disabled mom since she was a little girl. how they are both rising above, next. pa. your task as a parent this weekend might be to head to the area park. it will be gorgeous. the radar will not stay completely clear. find out which day. there is only one. has the chance of rain. details, coming up. coming up in sports, timer gets the weekend off. 49ers have some work to do at a
6:40 pm
new pro sports franchise in the bay area with the fittest athletes on the planet. it's all ahead in about 10 minutes. ,,,,,,
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school.. but not the student we honor for "rising above" today.. she was her mother's primary caretaker. their the student we are honoring for rising above today was her mother's primary caretaker. we have their story in just a few minutes. >> reporter: let's check in with paul deanno. >> reporter: one day with a chance of rain. that day is not today. we're looking down in this lazy sunshine. there is about a 5,000-acre
6:44 pm
wildfire burning. some of that smoke is making it into the bay area, especially in the north bay. so please watch out for that. if you have respiratory issues, the air quality won't be perfect. pleasanton, that's pretty perfect. at the beach board walk in santa cruz, 67. san jose has been the place to be this week when it comes to weather. arming high 82. we have been very close to that everyday this week, includinged to's 80. if you want to head down there this weekend, the san jose jazz summer fest is going on tonight. tomorrow, sunday, weather is perfect. upper 70s. low 80s. sunshine. clear, comfortable evenings. where is our wind direction coming from? where is our p weather coming from? in hawaii, it is coming from the tropics. on the west coast, for us, big ring of high pressure dominating us from new mexico all the way up to seattle.
6:45 pm
we're right in between that large ridge. hang out for a couple days with one fly in the ointment. the tiny area of low pressure will begin to drop some tropical moisture late sunday. then draws up the tropical moisture and gives us a tiny rain chance. there is a chance of an isolated thunderstorm. east bay out toward walnut creek and antioch coming up on monday with the one day with a chance of rainfall. aside from that, weather looks pretty good. tropical moisture does make a come back again on monday with that slight thunderstorm risk monday and monday afternoon. highs tomorrow, super nice. coon cord 83. oakland 74 within the bounds of average. sunnyvale, 76. union city 75. pittsburgh 86. livermore 86 degrees. upper 60s in the financial district of san francisco over
6:46 pm
toward outside lands. nevada 80. 92 in lakeport with sunshine tomorrow. couple inland thunderstorms coming up on monday. otherwise, we're clear across the board. upper 80s inland. mid 70s near the bay. that is your kpix 5 forecast. >> thanks paul. when there is not enough money and someone in the home gets a serious illness, you often change priorities. wendy is here to show us how one student is rising above that challenge. >> reporter: right. her mom has type ii diabetes. this is no ordinary case of diabetes and no ordinary daughter. >> she has grown up watching diabetes devastate her mother p one complication at a time. here, she is bandaging up sores that her mom gets from having disney dialysis three times a
6:47 pm
week. >> i see -- kidney dialysis three times a week. >> i see her suffer. makes me want to be closer to her and band her. >> her father left when she was small. she was only five when her mother became legally blind. >> she is my eyes. >> later, her mom would lose her leg and develop congestive heart failure. >> the the thing is finding hope that things will get better. things seem to get worse. >> i have had three death experiences. i have had six heart attacks. she's there showing me her love. >> the doctors say the only thing keeping her alive is her spirit. but what feeds that spirit is the relationship between a mother and a very special daughter. >> that was my prayer to god. please don't take me until she's ready. >> she's still here. i still get to see her and hear
6:48 pm
her voice. >> i need to wash it? >> yes. >> there are other relatives to help, but she has always been her mother's rock and her mother is hers. so when she graduated from high school and considered college, her mom had to make things very clear. >> this is your life. i've lived my life and i'm fine. but you have your own life to live and you have to live it to the fullest. >> she would say it in the most sincere way. >> two years ago, she went ap a- - away to college. >> probably the hardest thing. >> her student rising above adviser helped her take that step. >> she needed to know that her mother was also pushing her to go to college and her mother
6:49 pm
also had dreams and aspirations to see her little girl go to college. >> during the summer students rising above helped her get internships. this year she is working at a day camp in oakland. but the big focus is getting her through college. >> i love college. i do. i love college. >> her world was inside that house. being able to leave to college and see a world from a very different perspective and learn about it and explore it has really allowed her to blossom. >> her mom has a caretaker now, but emani is the one keeping her alive. >> she's taught me by showing me strength. showing me. >> she's lad so much unhappiness in her life. she's had a lot of pain. a lot. she rose above it.
6:50 pm
>> reporter: at one point emani actually considered leaving because of her mom. her adviser helped her stay the course. to help more low income kids like emani get through college, go to to find out more about how delay get these kids through. >> she's not getting a hand out. she's working an internship. >> oh, yeah. yeah. we shuttles' been really working -- she's been really working her whole life. what struck me is the reciprocity between the two of them. they are a real team. they are a team. >> yeah. hoping for the best for her. keep us updated on that one. >> we will. >> thanks, wendy. >> thank you, guys. it is called the fire challenge. tonight at 10:00 on the cw, the dangerous youtube trend thatten has officials here sounding the alarm.
6:51 pm
we'll be right back.
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about his pga championship run... is that it's over... golf up top. same as it ever was for rory mcilroy. tiger, best thing you can say about his pga championship run
6:54 pm
is that it's over. heavy rain delaying second round play. look at that. should tiger woods just shut it down for the season? missed a bogie. terrible. missed his fourth cut in a major. his back was barking at him. playing with phil michael -- mickelson. he is three shots off the lead. jason day had one of the best rounds of the day. six under 65. look at the second shot at 17. butter. tied for second. everybody chasing rory mcilroy. 30feet on this effort. british open champion leads the field by one. he is the top player in the world. everything is going his way. football, 49ers last night. back up quarterback struggled on three of 11 tonight with an interception. 49ers defense got pushed
6:55 pm
around. 386yards allowed while spending 40 minutes on the field. both sides of the ball devoid of many of the starters. but as dennis o'donnell tells us that licking wasn't as bad as it seems. >> it's never as bad when i go back and look at it right? >> exactly. you play think you made some mistakes, but you know, there are things you can correct and good things you take from it. that's it. that's life. it's football. everything happens for a reason. hopefully it will humble us and we will go work harder. we got a new pro sport full of teams with the fittest athletes you will ever see. you want to walk down a dark alley with them. they push, they pull, they lift, they run and stare you down and not blink. >> another one of those gym engineered boot camps? might look like it. but what they are repeat think
6:56 pm
doing, what they are showing us, the iron this one-time gymnast is pumping represents a sample size of just three of 11 events which make up a match in the national pro grid league. >> if you get to a point where you start slowing down, come on off. you can do two or three super fast if you get close to it. >> strategy combined with brute physical power. you're in the nerve center of the san francisco fire franchise. one of eight co-ed professional teams around the country. the league kicks off its inaugural season august 19th. >> we have some real geeky number crunchers in the back end. so we have basically money ball the team. >> the general manager took a system and built a collection of the fittest men and women he
6:57 pm
could find. >> what's neat about this league is it combines a lot of people. we're all very dedicate. >> really cool that we get to focus on what we're good at. that's what it's all about. we get to do what we're good at. that's also what's going to make this such a beautiful thing to batch on tv and from in the stands. >> the league's athletes earn a minimum of 2500 a match. the npgl even has a tv contract. the schedule of these grueling physical challenges has a season ending tournament in las vegas. >> gymnasts are strong, too. >> the san francisco fire. >> nice. >> look out.
6:58 pm
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